Unlocking the Power of Community: The Social Gym Tracker Revolution”

Are you tired of your solo gym sessions? Do you find it challenging to stay motivated and consistent in your fitness routine? It’s time to embrace a revolutionary change in the fitness industry – TROOPR is doing just that. In a world driven by community and connection, our fitness app is here to transform your workout experience. With our unique approach to fitness tracking, we focus on community and gamification, ensuring that you never exercise alone again.

Workout together or track it in TROOPR

Our social fitness tracker is designed to redefine how you “track gym workouts” and “log your workouts.” You can connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts, create or join workout challenges, and cheer each other on, making the fitness journey more enjoyable and motivating. Imagine competing with friends in real-time step challenges, setting weightlifting records, or participating in themed fitness competitions. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards are not just physical but also psychological.

Speaking of rewards, every time you workout, hit your weekly goal or complete challenges, you earn points. The points can be used in our store to unlock offers and products.

In short, you can earn “rewards for working out” by achieving your fitness goals and encouraging others on their journey. The sense of accomplishment and the support from your fitness community can be a powerful motivator to keep pushing your limits. Don’t miss out on this revolution in fitness tracking – try our social gym tracker and experience the magic of a connected fitness world.


Download TROOPR in app store and start loggin your workouts.

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